Noelle Oliver:

College Planner

Noelle is a career educator with over 20 years of experience teaching both high school and community college students. As a part-time member of Folsom Lake College’s English Department, she has taught college composition classes since 2005; prior to joining FLC’s faculty, she taught high school English to a diverse population of students in Orange County, California. Over the years, she has helped many high school juniors and seniors compose meaningful college application essays by moving them through the steps of the writing process and encouraging them to write authentic and detailed responses. Beyond her expertise in English and Language Arts, Noelle is a skilled communicator who can speak comfortably with both students and their parents, having worked with families and school administrators to satisfy students’ Individual Education Programs (IEP’s) and to accommodate the needs of students with physical and learning disabilities.

A Southern California native, Noelle earned her bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing from U.C. Santa Barbara and then attended U.C. Irvine for her Single Subject Teaching Credential in English, her Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) certificate, and ultimately, her master’s degree in English and Comparative Literature. Before deciding upon becoming a teacher, Noelle tried a variety of careers, including business travel and meeting planning, technical writing (which required a Top Secret security clearance), marketing, and journalism.

Having devoted her life to education, Noelle genuinely enjoys working with young people and offering them guidance as they move through their teen years and beyond.

Noelle can be reached at NOliver@TheCollegePlanningCenter.com or 916-985-0453.

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