Christina Cross:

College Planner

Christina Cross has spent the past ten years working as a high school counselor, most recently at Granite Bay High School. At the heart of what she does, she desires to help young people become self-advocates and take an active role in planning for their future. Christina knows all too well what it is like to be in high school, unsure about what next steps to take, how to choose a college, and then decide what path to take once you get there. It was through her personal experiences in the college admissions process in addition to a two-year opportunity working as a peer counselor with her college peers, that she knew her professional journey was destined to work with young people. She loved helping her college peers find direction while navigating their college life and decided to continue her education to become a school counselor. Now, she finds great joy in helping other students “find their way.” Christina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UC Riverside and continued on to complete her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Loyola Marymount University. Five years ago, she desired to learn more about the ever-changing college admissions world and in an attempt to better aid her students, she completed UCLA’s College Counseling Certificate Program.

A few years ago, Christina moved back “home” to northern California and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors with her husband and two young boys. She is also a baking enthusiast and spends much of her free time creating delectable treats for family and friends.

Chrstina can be reached at: CCross@TheCollegePlanningCenter.com or 916-872-1370

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